One A Day®Women’s Prenatal 1
1 Complete Softgel with DHA in a New Formula

Whether you are already pregnant, or just thinking about becoming pregnant you may need additional nutrients to support your health and the health of your baby. Introducing One A Day® Women’s Prenatal 1 - a complete multivitamin in 1 single softgel. It is specially designed for you with Omega-3 DHA and high levels of nutrients like iron and folic acid all in one single softgel.

One A Day® Women’s Prenatal 1 can help support women:*

  • Before Pregnancy, with Folic Acid to help support your child's healthy brain and spinal cord development
  • During Pregnancy, with Omega-3 DHA to support healthy fetal brain and eye development and Iron to help carry oxygen to the growing baby
  • While Breastfeeding, with Omega-3 DHA which can be passed to the baby through breast milk to help support healthy brain and eye development in infancy

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Contains 200 mg of Calcium compared to 300 mg in One A Day® Women’s Prenatal 2-pill formula.

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